Customized design

In addition to its standard containers, Phoenicia plans and develops glass containers in various sizes from 187 ml up to 1500 ml, as per customer’s request and specifications, according to description or drawing


Phoenicia strives to diversify its products and extend them to additional consumer needs, and various other purposes such as construction products, decorative pieces, cosmetics and toiletry products, packaging, storage containers, etc

For the community

Phoenicia’s production plant is located at Yeruham, a small town in the south of Israel, employing over 200 of Yeruham and Dimona inhabitants as well as other settlements in the area

Our Customers

We work in full cooperation with large companies in the beverage and wine market

Mort Mendel

It all began in the 1920s, when Mendel’s parents, Jews from Galicia, Poland, decided to emigrate to the US The family of six (three sons and a daughter) suffered from a chronic shortage of money, but Mendel describes a happy childhood in Chicago, The parents worked hard and taught the children the need to learn and develop, and to earn a decent living.In 1938, Mendel began his studies at the university.

Phenicia - for the community

As a green production plant that was converted to use of natural gas, Phoenicia is the only Israeli production plant which uses glass cullet as raw material thus contributing to the improvement of ecology in Israel. Our production plant is legally licensed and carries all required permits, including emission permits.

Did you know?

The name Phoenicia originates from the Phoenicians, who were marine nomad tribes who lived along the north eastern coast of the Mediterranean (Tyre, Sidon) who were among the first who produced and used glassware

The main raw materials for the production of glass are: Silica sand, Ash soda, and chalk

Production of glass requires melting of the raw materials in a special furnace at the temperature of 1600°C

Once the furnace is lit, heated and reaches the required temperature for melting the raw materials, it works continuously day and night for nearly ten years

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