About Phoenicia Glass Works

Phoenicia Glass Works, Ltd.  established in Haifa in 1934 is one of the country's oldest companies still operating. In 1968, the plant was moved to Yerucham, in Israel's Negev region, where it has continued to operate successfully until today.

Phoenicia is the only company in Israel which specializes in the production of a wide range of glass containers for the domestic and foreign beverage and food industry.

Phoenicia is part of the Israel Equity Ltd. Group under the ownership of Mr. Morton Mandel. Phoenicia’s Chairman is Mr. Moshe Weksler and CEO is Mr. Ofer Givaty.

The plant currently employs approximately 220 local residents and is a major source of income for Yerucham and nearby towns including Dimona.

Phoenicia’s furnace features 4 production lines for glass containers in a variety of models and colors, as well as 2 bottle sleeving lines, for producing bottle sleeves in accordance with customer specifications. The plant produces approximately 1 million bottles per day.

As part of Phoenicia’s environmental protection policy, the company recycles all glass bottles collected in Israel by the Drink Containers Collection Corporation Ltd.

Currently, the construction of a new device is being completed that will provide one of the most sophisticated technological solutions (using wet electrostatic and filter technologies) available anywhere in the world for the treatment of air pollution emissions and sewage that will put Phoenicia on the forefront of environmental protection in the Southern region.

Phoenicia is constantly working to improve and to refresh the variety and quality of its products, while maintaining strict timetables and production according to the highest international standards.

At Phoenicia, automated quality assurance equipment, along with the technological and human infrastructure, enable the plant to fulfill strict requirements of local and foreign customers.

The plant has held ISO 9000:2008 Certification since 1995 and has agreement for OHSAS 18000 since 2008.

In addition, Phoenicia offers its customers:

  • Glass container design and planning services.
  • Bottle sleeving services through the use of 2 sleeving lines.
  • Individual customization and commitment to meeting the needs of the market and of customers.
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